Black MoodPrism Car Diffuser
Black MoodPrism Car Diffuser
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Black MoodPrism Car Diffuser

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These luxury car diffusers bring a whole new vibe to being on the go! With the MoodPrism Mini Diffuser, you can take your favorite fragrance with you everywhere you go - in the car, the office, or wherever you want a little scent magic!

The diffuser comes with a rope to tie around and hang. Universal vent clip available (additional cost).

How to Use:

Once you receive your diffuser, unscrew the bamboo top, and remove the plastic safety cap. Rescrew the top and simply tip the diffuser over (3-5 seconds) and allow the fragrance oil to wet tip.

Tip-over your diffuser anytime you want a burst of scent. 

As always our mini diffusers are made with Phthalate Free oil(s).