The Approach

I started A+F with many ideas but there was one common theme: Vibe Well. I want to create clean, non toxic products that empower those who use them to feel free and full of purpose.

Choose Your Vibe and Choose it Well. 


Phthalate Free Scents

All of my scents are phthalate free fragrance oils made using fine fragrance oils + pure essential oils from around the globe.

Minimal, Reusable

I chose vessels to fit any space, and to be easy to repurpose. When your candle is done, you can easily remove excess wax, wicks and labels to repurpose your containers. When your diffusers and sprayers are done, keep them and refill them. As I am growing, so does my commitment to sustainability. 

Coconut Wax

I use sustainable custom blended coconut wax for a clean and complete burn.

After researching and testing several different waxes, I found this blend to be perfect for those that suffer with allergies or tend to get headaches from burning candles.

My candles fill the room with aroma but not in an aggressive way that you may find in your favorite commercial candle store (whose main source of wax is paraffin).

When lit, these candles will burn warm with a subtle scent throw that is just the right vibe for your space.

No Dye

I love the pretty colors too but to eliminate toxins, I've chosen not to dye my candles or wax melts. Each will take on the natural color of the fragrance or essential oils used to make each product.  



I create and pour each product with an intention of love and purpose. Fun fact: I'm Level 1 Reiki Certified so I put a little extra love into each vessel. 



I am on a life-long candle-learning journey, and openly share what I learn as a business woman with a chronic illness to help move the industry forward and inspire others with illnesses.