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If there was an beginner's kit to crystals, the first item I'd recommend is clear quartz.


It's multi-functional and the perfect compliment to any crystal collection. Clear quartz absorbs, releases + regulates energy warding off negativity and helps align the chakras.

While clear quartz is colorless + transparent or translucent, you may see them in shades more milky or cloudy almost opaque.

What is Clear Quartz Used For?

Some of the property highlights of crystal quartz:


Clear Quartz is actually known as a master healer by stimulating balance + harmony to the immune system + body. 


It can amplify + direct the energy of other crystals as well as amplify your thoughts.


Clear quartz is a self cleansing crystal + you can use it to cleanse your other crystals. It also acts as a deep soul cleanser.  


Aids in concentration + memory.


For all these reasons, clear quartz is a perfect crystal for intention setting. Check out the I AM INTENTIONAL Affirmation Crystal Candle. It comes with a clear quartz crystal for you to set your intentions + manifest your dreams. 

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In light!

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